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CatchLog Help

Entering a Catch

In this video we give show you how easy it is to enter a new catch:

  • Use AutoGPS
  • Use hi-resolution maps
  • Pause and resume a catch
  • Fill in all catch details
  • Send catch to authority

Entering a Landing

In this video we show you how easy it is to complete a landing:

  • Date, time and location for landing
  • Adjusting the product to be landed
  • Adjusting the remaining total on board (for partial landings)
  • Sending the elog to the authority

Managing the product list

In this video we show you can manage the types of product you are catching:

  • Selecting species, grade, packing, processing and treatment
  • Removing unwanted species
  • Customising the display order
  • Importing and exporting product lists