What is Fishery Manager

Fishery Manager is designed for fishing authorities to manage all vessel activities via CatchLog’s vessel electronic log book system.

Fishery Manager lets you monitor all critical activities for the vessels in your region: what is their current position; what was their last activity; details of catches; details of landings; comparison between estimated catch and actual landing. It also allows for defining closures, quotas and exclusion zones for your fishery. All closure/quota/exclusion zone information is propagated to all vessels in the authority via CatchLog.


  • Secure encrypted data synchronisation between ship and authority office

  • Accurate and up to date locations of vessels on geographic chart

  • Define your own regions for monitoring and managing fishing activities

  • Create closures, exclusion zones and quota zones

  • Create closures, exclusion zones and quota zones

  • See if vessels are up to date with logbooks

  • Catch details (Gear, Hauls, Positions, Time etc...)

  • Allows critical decisions to be made on actual data

  • Production details (Species, Units, Kg, Presentation, Conservation, Packing Type and Grades)

  • Messaging between authority office, companies and vessels

  • Compare estimated catches against actual landings

  • Compare historical data across seasons/years

  • Create printable PDF reports

  • Many different charts, like catch summary totals by region

  • Monthly catch totals, species catch summary

  • Grade catch summary for selected species

  • Custom Reports exportable as PDF/Excel/CSV/XML/JSON

Compare 'FleetManager' to 'FisheryManager'.

FleetManager is designed for an individual company to manage all the vessels in their fleet.
Optimised for 1 - 20 vessels, it is designed to provide custom information for the company, including product pricing, expenses, fuel usage, etc.

FisheryManager is designed for an authority to manage the activities of all vessels under their control.
Optimised for 50 - 500 vessels, it is designed to provide both individual catch/landing information as well as aggregated data for all vessels. It also allows for creation of closures, exclusion zones and quota zones.

Can be run from CatchLog managed servers or installed in your own server farm.


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Support and training is provided remotely and is included in the cost of the product.