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FleetManager Help

Introduction to Fleet Manager (14:29)

In this 14 minute video we give you a quick overview of FleetManager. See how to:

  • Manage catches and landings
  • Track vessel locations
  • Use charts and reports
  • Manage expenses

Catch History Analysis (6:23)

In this video you will see how to best use the Catch History feature. See how to:

  • Change the grid scale between 1km - 5km - 10km - 25km ranges
  • View 'All Species' or single species
  • Set up 'Target Species' lists
  • Drill down to see catch totals in each grid square

Managing Prices (3:27)

In this video we look at managing prices for all your product combinations. In particular:

  • How to set initial prices for new product combinations
  • How prices are applied to products
  • How to update your prices and view a history of prices

Grades and Packing Types (2:14)

In this video we look at managing grade and packing types. In particular:

  • How grade and packing types are synchronised between FleetManager and CatchLog
  • How to create a new grade or packing type
  • How to reorder the grade and packing type lists
  • How to remove a grade or packing type from use

Chart Tips (1:40)

In this short video we show you a couple of simple tricks when viewing charts. In particular:

  • How to use 'tooltips' to read individual chart values
  • How to work with the 'legend' to turn items on or off

Printable Reports (2:22)

In this video we look at creating reports in FleetManager. In particular:

  • Screen based reports
  • Printable (PDF) reports
  • Working with longer reports (over 5 pages)

Managing Expenses (2:42)

In this video we look at managing fleet and vessel expenses. In particular:

  • Setting up your supplier listing
  • Setting up your expense categories
  • Adding vessel expenses
  • Adding general expenses

Fuel and Engine Hours (2:14)

In this video we look at how you might manage fuel usage and engine hours for your fleet. In particular:

  • Managing fuel usage
  • Managing engine hours

Sending Messages (1:50)

In this video we look at how you can send and receive messages from your vessels. In particular:

  • Sending a message to individual vessels
  • Sending a message to all vessels
  • How vessels receive your messages
  • What happens when a vessel sends you a message?